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Solutions for Surveillance Operations

Protect your property and assets and improve loss prevention and risk managment with Omnigo software.

Widen the scope of your surveillance team and stay steps ahead of potential threats

Secure Your Facility with an Integrated Solution

Monitor and protect facility assets, revenue, patrons, and employees with an integrated platform for collecting, analyzing, reporting, and investigating incidents.

Improve Loss Prevention & Limit Liability

Protect your property and assets by improving loss prevention and limiting liability with the capability to monitor guest behavior and identify trends through data analysis.

Identify Individuals with a "Watch" or "Exclusion" Status

Identify, observe, and analyze individuals and assign a "watch" or "exclusion" status that enables automated real-time alerts to be generated when entry to your facility is attempted.

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Monitor Your Facility's Traffic with License Plate Recognition

Recognize, log, and identify known or questionable vehicles, and issue automatic alerts when "hot-listed" vehicles enter or leave your property with the optional License Plate Recognition module.

Quickly Identify Targeted Subjects with Facial Recognition

Easily identify target subjects, issue automatic alerts, and retrieve related data such as past incidents, status, and associated persons with the optional Facial Recognition module.

Keep Banned Visitors from Entering your Establishment

Enable your security or surveillance team to track and approve admittance individuals into your establishment with the optional Patron Manager module that fully integrates with Omnigo Incident Reporting to allow you to better know your visitors, keep minors away, and/or prevent banned subjects from entering.

“By automating security and surveillance functions, we‘ve saved considerable man hours while increasing the integrity of our data, allowing us to realize full return on investment in just 4½ months.”

Jason Arnett | Director of Surveillance

New York Casino Hits Jackpot with Fully Integrated Security & Risk Management Solution

By deploying Omnigo’s fully integrated solution, Resorts World NYC has been able to transform its cumbersome manual processes into a high-performance security risk management system. The new platform has not only saved the casino valuable man hours but has also allowed its security and surveillance staff to shift from reactive to proactive measures.

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