Safety and Security Solutions for Higher Education

Keep your students, faculty, and staff safe and secure with Omnigo campus security software solutions.

Nearly 500 colleges and universities ensure the safety of their campuses with Omnigo software

Streamline Incident Reporting

Record all your incident and security data in one place, reduce data entry time, and simplify multiple processes with the fully integrated Omnigo platform.

Gain Insight for Strategic Action

Identify crime trends, diagnose problems, and proactively prevent incidents with powerful, built-in statistics and data analysis tools.

Simplify Clery Reporting

Streamline the process of entering, tracking, and analyzing data for Clery-related crimes, and easily generate Public Crime Logs and other required Clery reports in less than 30 seconds.

Track Visitors to Your Campus

Maintain a safe and secure environment by managing visitors to your facility with pre-registration, registration, approval, and custom badging capabilities.

Manage Parking Permits & Citations

Effectively manage parking permits and citations for your campus with online registration, tracking, and payment capabilities as well as administrative management tools.

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Empower a Crucial Safety Resource: Your Students

Your students can be a valuable ally in ensuring a safer campus environment. Omnigo Community, a mobile public safety app, enables quick, easy and anonymous (if desired) two-way communication between users and your campus safety department.

Improve Safety Awareness with Online Training

Build a healthy community with 360 Stay Safe, an online safety and awareness video training program. Program modules help learners recognize signs of abusive behavior, provide safe and healthy intervention options, and encourage risk-reduction strategies.

White Paper: Prevent School Violence With An Inside-Out Approach

Discover the 'inside-out' approach that gives you actionable methods to prevent school violence. These methods are designed to improve intervention and prevention, ensuring the safety of your students, faculty, and resources in the event of a threat.

Download our free guide on taking an inside-out approach to prevent school violence to learn more.

"We looked at a lot of similar products and by far Omnigo was the easiest to use, with the lowest learning curve and the most power and options at the best price point."

Captain Chad Christiansen | Security Captain

College Scraps Paper Reporting: Security Officers Enjoy Streamlined Operations and Faster Response Times

St. Olaf College turned to Omnigo to implement a fully integrated platform that has improved communication between the institution, security, and the student body and increased parking ticket revenue, providing an excellent return on investment.
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