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Incident Reporting Software

Omnigo Incident Reporting

Omnigo's incident reporting software enables your security team to track, report, and analyze data trends so they can improve prevention and response at your organization.

Simplify incident reporting with a comprehensive, integrated solution

Maintain Visibility to Better Protect Your People

Enable your security team to spend more time in the field, where they are needed, and less time writing reports with a solution that streamlines data collection, reporting, and analysis.

Gain Insight & Take Preventative Action

Enable your team to take a more strategic approach to prevention with powerful, built-in data analysis tools that provide deeper insight into incident trends within your organization.

Respond Quickly & Effectively

When an incident occurs, response needs to be as swift as possible. Omnigo's comprehensive, integrated solution improves your ability to respond quickly while ensuring valuable security intelligence is not lost.

Keep Your Security Operations Running Smoothly

Gain a comprehensive view of data across your organization and simplify budget analysis, background investigations, and reporting with Omnigo's centralized incident reporting platform.

Ensure Your Organization's Compliance

Easily generate required logs and reports, and simplify reporting to help ensure your organization stays in compliance with mandatory regulations, such as Title IX, Clery, VAWA, and OSHA.

Ensure Continuity from Shift to Shift

Maintain awareness and continuity between users with the ability to easily share details of daily events and incidents to the dashboards of one or more users or groups within the organization.

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Make Prevention a Priority

Prevention is critical but can be difficult using outdated or ineffective technology. Omnigo's data-driven reporting system provides easy access to incident data and features built-in analysis tools that can help in developing preventative measures.

Download the "Why Incident Reporting & Security Management" white paper to learn more. 

Protect Your Staff From Harm

Enable your staff to issue an immediate, real-time electronic request for help to your security team, no matter their location. With Omnigo Personal Safeguard, you'll be able to react quickly to locate staff and diffuse potentially harmful situations.

“Omnigo’s solution anticipated the duties of front-line security officers and offered relevant, integrated options to address them. The Lost and Found module fit really nicely into the reporting software—and the way we operate.”

Dylan Hayes | Physical Security/Technology Project Manager

Renowned Children's Hospital Finds the Cure for its Evolving Security Needs and Capabilities

By upgrading to the Omnigo platform, Seattle Children’s has been able to transform its security team’s incident reporting and management processes. The fully integrated system has not only allowed the hospital’s security team to expand their capabilities but has also enabled them to shift their efforts from reactive to proactive.

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