Safety and Security Solutions for Schools

Our children’s safety is more important than ever before. Omnigo provides solutions to keep our children protected and delivers a safe learning environment.

Over 40 school districts trust Omnigo to ensure a safer learning environment

Track Student Incidents

Being able to accurately and precisely track incidents that occur in your school not only protect you from potential liability issues, it can also provide you with potential trends for a school-wide approach or even just a student by student basis.

Notify Students During Emergencies

Reliable communication to your entire student body during emergencies can be costly, slow, and not effective. Omnigo’s mass notification solution provides you with an affordable, quick, easy, and effective way to reach your students. 

Streamline Visitor Management

Ensure you know exactly who is inside your school at any time with Omnigo’s robust Visitor Tracking module. The module allows you to streamline your visitor registration and tracking process.

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Always Compliant, Always Up to Date

As a K-12 school, you have many policies and procedures that you must follow in order to not be fined, be able to receive grants, etc. We ensure that you are fully compliant to policies such as Title IX, Clery, and many more.

Improve Student Communication

Your students have a right to be heard. Give your students the ability to communicate with you about situations they believe should be investigated. Omnigo Software gives you the tools you need to start a new line of dialogue.

"We highly recommend the Omnigo platform. It has made our properties and students safer, and drastically enhanced our tracking and reporting, which improves communication and budget allocation."

Shane Gardener | School Safety & Security Manager

School District Fills Data Gaps & Overcomes Reporting Limitations

By deploying the fully integrated Omnigo platform, Evergreen Public Schools has bolstered the low data yield and limitations of the FERPA-approved student information and educational reporting software to achieve better security results. The customized platform helps with documenting and tracking behavior patterns and potentially troublesome relationships between students, including gang involvement, vandalism and other violent triggers.

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