Safety and Security Solutions for K-12 Schools

Protect your students, faculty, and staff while providing an open, welcoming learning environment with Omnigo school safety solutions.

Private and public schools trust Omnigo to help ensure the safety of their students, faculty, and staff

Track Incidents & Analyze Data

Easily document student and security incidents, and utilize built-in analysis tools to identify trends and prevent recurrence.

Improve Emergency Response

Ensure appropriate action is taken during an emergency by providing access to safety and security policies with an easy-to-navigate pick list.

Manage Risk More Effectively

Easily document student or employee injuries, and record actions taken to prevent future occurrences to reduce risk of liability.

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Track Lost & Found Items

Create and maintain a detailed, easy-to-search database of lost and found property that allows you to capture all relevant details associated with the items.

Manage Parking Permits

Effectively manage parking permits for your campus with online registration/purchase capabilities and administrative management tools.

"We highly recommend the Omnigo platform. It has made our properties and students safer, and drastically enhanced our tracking and reporting, which improves communication and budget allocation."

Shane Gardner | School Safety & Security Manager

School District Fills Data Gaps & Overcomes Reporting Limitations

By deploying the fully integrated Omnigo platform, Evergreen Public Schools has bolstered the low data yield and limitations of the FERPA-approved student information and educational reporting software to achieve better security results. The customized platform helps with documenting and tracking behavior patterns and potentially troublesome relationships between students, including gang involvement, vandalism and other violent triggers.

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