Pre-Planning and Incident Command

Ensure Your Team is Prepared to Mobilize and Act Quickly

Our intuitive and fully scalable Pre-Planning and Incident Command solutions enable your team to handle any situation or event, from day-to-day incidents to large-scale, multi-agency responses. Gain valuable insights and improve prevention and response by leveling up your tracking, reporting, and data analysis.

Plan. Respond. Recover.

Upgrade from Manual Plans and Develop One Centralized Resource

Our mobile, cloud-based solution allows users to store all pre-plans in one centralized location, so stakeholders can immediately access all event management information.


Share Information with Key Stakeholders in a Matter of Seconds

When it comes to fast-moving and critical situations, time is of the essence. Quickly communicate and share critical information with necessary parties and help reduce response time.

Digitalize FEMA Paperwork

By digitalizing the FEMA ICS form process, you will save time and create consistent and replicable processes.


Pre-Planning and Incident Command Solutions


Incident Command at Every Stage

From pre-planning to recovery, Omnigo’s incident management software has been engineered to meet the specific requirements for event planning. From comprehensive analytics and reports to robust layered mapping capabilities to provide greater visibility, our solution does it all.


Ensure You’re Ready to Mobilize and Act Quickly When It Matters Most

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