Safer Communities

Safer Communities

Enhance Community Safety, Trust, and Engagement

Improve the safety of your community with our end-to-end solutions, and protect your people, property, and assets.

Be Better Prepared for Any Situation

Effectively Track Visitors

By automating your visitor check-in and check-out process you can improve efficiency, effectively track visitors, and comply with all regulatory requirements.


Encourage Citizens to Take an Active Role in Community Safety

Increase community trust, safety, and engagement with a two-way chat interface that connects individuals anonymously to public safety officers.

Better Equip Officers to Manage Disruptive Events

Reduce response time and ensure the appropriate reaction to potential disruptions. Staff can easily access existing personnel, banned/watched subjects, and location databases, and flag suspicious items, people, or situations to trigger notifications.


Safer Communities Solutions


Create an Integrated, Comprehensive Safety Solution

All of Omnigo’s software solutions can be integrated, allowing users to easily share information across their organization and community, and gain deeper insight into what, when, and where incidents are occurring.


Protecting Your People, Property, and Assets

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