Solutions for Security Professionals

Omnigo offers an all-in-one safety and security solution to help you prevent, detect, respond, and report incidents more effectively.

Keep your people safe and effectively manage and maintain a secure workplace

Gain Insight & Share Outcomes

Prove your department's worth with a solution that simplifies reporting, enables you to analyze data, share insights and outcomes, and justify additional funding or resources.

Improve Prevention & Response

Enhance your department's prevention and response capabilities with incident reporting software that allows for more effective tracking, reporting, and analysis of incidents.

Analyze Data & Identify Trends

Quickly record and track incident details into an easily searchable database that can be queried and analyzed to identify trends and improve your department's prevention efforts.

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Protect Vulnerable Assets with Omnigo Guard Tour

Monitoring numerous checkpoints can be challenging. Omnigo Guard Tour provides complete patrol and incident integration to help you ensure regulated security checks of vulnerable assets are completed and recorded, within specified timeframes.

Add an Extra Line of Defense

Manage your organization's visitors, analyze and report activities or events, and maintain an audit trail of every patron. The optional Omnigo Visitor Management system creates a 360° view of your guests for accountability, compliance, and enforcement.

White Paper: Why Incident Reporting & Security Management Software?

Prevention is critical but can be difficult using outdated or ineffective technology. Omnigo's data-driven reporting system provides easy access to incident data and features built-in analysis tools that can help in developing preventative measures.

Download the "Why Incident Reporting & Security Management Software?" white paper to learn more. 

“To be able to react dynamically to daily security changes is significant in any security environment, but especially in a major city like Chicago. Having this capability is a tremendous asset to this facility in particular.”

Joe Doa | Director of Safety & Security, The Palmer House

Global Hospitality Company Achieves Complete Visibility Across Security & Hospitality Operations

By deploying Omnigo’s fully integrated solution, Hilton Worldwide has been able to gain greater visibility into its security, operations, resources, and staffing. The new platform has provided consistent reporting across Hilton properties and complete integration with its existing third-party systems, in addition to streamlining security processes and providing valuable insight into incident trends.

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