Improving Communications with Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS Departments


Emergency personnel work tirelessly to improve the safety of their communities. But gaps and glitches in communication between dispatchers and first responders can hinder these efforts by delaying response—and the consequences can be drastic.


How can emergency personnel ensure the quickest possible response? With comprehensive, up-to-date software that facilitates streamlined communication.


When their efforts are supported by a fully integrated computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, dispatchers can quickly gather and disseminate accurate, thorough information to first responders to help ensure a rapid response to emergency calls.


The Danger of Communication Gaps

In any high-stakes situation, minutes or even seconds can make a dramatic impact on the outcome; in the case of an emergency, time lost can mean the difference between life or death. To ensure accuracy, quicker response times, and the best possible outcomes, communication gaps between dispatchers and responders need to be mitigated as much as possible—if not eliminated entirely.


Dispatch centers have processes in place to ensure efficiency, but many use outdated software that requires duplicated or excess effort or inhibits data exchange. In fact, some dispatch centers still use pen and paper recordkeeping. Though the process may vary from dispatch center to dispatch center, opportunities for improvement exist within most operations.


When equipped with a comprehensive CAD solution featuring an intuitive interface, dispatchers are better prepared to efficiently gather and quickly transfer necessary information—including the nature and location of the emergency and how many responders are needed—to the correct departments. Improving the efficiency of dispatch operations saves time and improves the safety of everyone involved.


Closing the Loop

Facilitating seamless communication between dispatchers and first responders requires implementation of a centralized, integrated dispatch software that reduces the opportunity for miscommunication and eliminates wasted time and duplicated efforts.


Traditionally, law enforcement officers and emergency personnel in the field have received information from dispatch via radio. With the evolution of mobile law enforcement software that integrates fully with CAD systems, communication can now be seamless and instantaneous.


Data-Driven Safety

Comprehensive CAD software improves recordkeeping and information flow by providing fire, law enforcement, and EMS departments with access to incident data in real time. The best solutions also streamline reporting and reduce potential for error by auto-populating common data fields with information gathered by dispatch operators during calls.


Centralized incident reporting software provides insight into trends and helps inform operational decisions. Historical data can be searched and queried to analyze aspects of community safety from a data-driven perspective.


Sensitive information that crosses departments needs to be secure, as well. CAD software should be equipped with built-in security protocols and permission-based access to protect against outside infiltration threats.


The Bottom Line

Reducing response times helps minimize property damage due to fire, improve outcomes for those requiring emergency medical care, and hastens the de-escalation of potentially dangerous situations. Streamlining communication between dispatch and responding agencies not only increases the accuracy of data and speed of dissemination but also improves response times, resulting in a better served and safer community.


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