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Created as the superior multi-departmental, multi-property solution for Security and Surveillance departments, iTrak delivers quick, accurate analysis, pinpointing liabilities and enhancing operational efficiencies and benefits – all in one single, comprehensive platform.


Below we do a deeper dive into the most popular modules used by our gaming customers:

Track, Analyze, and Maintain Work Orders

Save time spent analyzing part service history and replacement and repair cycles with Work Order

Help Mitigate Threats and Decrease Crime

License plate recognition identifies known vehicles and locates stolen vehicles

Enhance Community Safety

Ensure your team is checking the right places and collecting the right information, at the right time with Guard Tour

Create a Safer Environment

Audit helps users gain a better understanding of what’s happening in their casino


The Complete Solution to Maintain Work Orders and Related Parts

 The iTrak Work Order module delivers a complete standardized system for tracking, analyzing, and maintaining a thorough repair and service history for any enterprise environment, allowing users to fully customize all work orders to meet individual requirements.

  • Enter, track, print schedule and assign work orders
  • Maintain and search part service history for all related work orders by model, manufacturer, serial number, bar code, category, and location of use
  • Attach equipment user, service, and installation guides
  • Quickly access service history for all parts, reducing overall costs
  • Complete reporting, including work order summary, part summary, and technician history

Improve Parking Lot Safety and Security

Designed as one of the most reliable and mature video analytic technologies available today, iLPR (Intelligent License Plate Recognition) helps improve safety and security by identifying known vehicles and their owners and locating stolen vehicles in parking lots.

  • Accurately read plates from virtually any country, state, or province
  • Use in high-traffic, multi-flow parking environments
  • Capture license plates of vehicles moving at speeds of up to 140mph (225km/h)
  • Identify plates and alert in real-time


Improve Efficiency and Increase Accountability

Monitoring numerous checkpoints can be a challenge. Ensure your security team checks the right places at the right time and can easily report on their findings with Omnigo Guard Tour.


  • Limit risk of liability with an audit trail and historical proof-of-presence reports
  • Verify check-ins and required tasks are completed and recorded within specified timeframes
  • Document incidents and upload digital media with mobile integration


Gain a Better Understanding of What’s Happening in Your Casino

In today’s fast-paced gaming environments, performing game audits, player analysis, and slot audits requires a detailed, consistent methodology that ensures accuracy. The iTrak Audit module delivers a complete standardized system for performing audits, gaming disputes, and player analyses.


  • Customizable game violations, areas, and sections with multiple player analysis, results, and types
  • Supports game audits across multiple supervisors and game related staff
  • Complete reporting, including detail, statistics, game audit violations and dealer error reports

 Ready to discover how iTrak can support your casino? Contact us to learn more or request a demo.