Dispatch for Campus

Dispatch for Campus

CAD System

Omnigo Computer Aided Dispatch delivers the speed, functionality and ease-of-use required for dispatch centers to efficiently execute on inbound calls.

DFCS Key Features

Allows agencies to track and document an initial call type and final call type

Provides insight into what they are called to and what they are responding to

Enables dispatching to a single site or multiple locations

Includes trespass and caution alerts for at-risk persons

Allows for scheduling of events in advance

Includes call inactivity timers to help prevent lost calls

Connects to 360 Analytics (Omnigo’s powerful BI tool)

Integrates with Omnigo Community (public safety app)

Attach/upload floor plans, evacuation plans and SOPs


In addition, the Events feature contains all information required for tracking - including multiple persons, vehicles, locations and notes, as well as geographic information and a chronological log.

Dispatch Monitoring

Provides real-time access to CAD information, allowing users to search CAD information, view live and historical CAD Event data and Activity Logs

CAD to Web RMS Interface

Allows dispatch centers to automatically send CAD event data to the Omnigo Records Management system. This web service can eliminate the phone calls and reduce radio traffic to obtain response and arrival times, as well as other data pertinent to an event. Advanced capabilities include provision of officer recommendations based on assignments and specialized training.

Dispatch Mapping allows dispatchers to automatically locate calls and simultaneously display multiple maps.