Daily log

Daily log

Maintain accurate workflow and people logs

The Daily Event Log module gives users the ability to record any event that occurs during their shift. A simple user interface makes logging activities easy, while customizable quick data entry codes allow officers to enter events in just a few clicks. With the Daily Event Log module, departments can reduce paper waste while creating an organized searchable record of their workforce activities.

For supervisors and executives, this module provides an easy way to ascertain what their workforce is doing, when they are doing it, and why they are doing it. It’s easy to monitor officer activities and measure productivity by running reports to analyze daily event logs

Officers can use the built-in quick timer option to populate the Daily Event Log’s time fields with the click of a single button. The quick timer uses the current time as the end time for the activity, and subtracts the number of minutes shown on each button to populate the start time.

The Daily Event Log module can be configured to integrate with Dispatch, so whenever an officer is dispatched to a call, it automatically populates that officer’s Daily Event Log with the information captured through dispatch.

System administrators can customize the Daily Event module by adding questions to shift reports in order to consistently document information or provide reminders.