Case Management casino

Case Management casino

Reduce case complexity and shorten investigation time with streamlined collaboration

Ensure Open Communication Between Investigators

Maintain open, fluid communication with a solution that enables users to assign tasks and send messages to other investigators directly within the module.

Link Related Assets to Gain Insight into Investigations

Enable your officers to link related reports, contacts, vehicles, property, and digital media as reports are completed as well as identify connections based on defined criteria.

Compile Professional Investigation Summary Reports

Compile and print a meticulous summary that combines all the information surrounding the case logically and professionally, including associated reports, once your investigation is complete.

Easily Identify Connections Between Cases

Effortlessly identify similarities between incidents with automatic alerts that notify investigators of connections between cases. Define specific criteria to automatically crosscheck descriptions and identify similarities between unknown contacts and individuals in the database, and set benchmark alerts to enable automatic notifications of incidents that may relate to ongoing investigations.