Facial Recognition casino

Facial Recognition casino

Expand your team's capabilities with the ability to quickly identify watched or banned individuals

Streamline & Simplify Subject Identification

Replace manual comparison of surveillance subjects to “mug” books, with a biometric solution that tracks visitor faces and compares them against subjects within the iTrak database.

Seamlessly & Accurately Track Individuals

Instantly access faces that have been previously isolated, tracked, and stored using search parameters, such as time, date, and/or camera name, and easily enroll new subjects into the system at any time.

Pinpoint Possible Subjects Instantaneously

Narrow down subjects from thousands to one or more within seconds with an automated search that provides color-coded operator alerts and match confidence level alongside live and stored database images for comparison.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Identify the Best Facial Recognition Solution

When considering a facial recognition solution for your organization, it’s important to look for certain features to ensure you’re getting a state-of-the-art solution that can deliver the results you expect and need—not one that is still hiding in the early phases of yesteryear.

Download our new buyers' guide, "Facial Recognition: How to Identify the Best Solution," to learn more.