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Security officials overcome regulatory software limitations.


“We highly recommend the Omnigo platform. It has made our school district’s properties and students safer, and drastically enhanced our tracking and reporting of incidents, which improves communication and budget allocation.” Shane Gardner, Manager of School Safety and Security for Evergreen Public Schools


Evergreen Public Schools

Vancouver, Washington


Spanning 36 campuses, Evergreen Public Schools utilize a student information and educational reporting platform commonly used by schools across the country to maintain compliance with the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Rights Act (FERPA). However, security officers at several Evergreen schools found the system to be inadequate on several levels, including tracking of incidents per student and statistical reporting, as well as the ability to communicate between districts, with the private security company, and with law enforcement.


Referred by the security managers of two neighboring school districts, Evergreen Public Schools implemented the Omnigo platform in 2015 to bolster data collection and tracking of its more than 26,000 students.

Omnigo’s incident reporting platform integrated data across schools in an easily searchable database for a complete security management solution. The system tracks student incidents to proactively diagnose problems and identify trends using built-in data analysis tools


By integrating Omnigo’s solution Report Exec, Evergreen Public Schools bolstered the limitations of the district’s FERPA-approved student information and educational reporting software for better data integration, security results, and communication. 

Using the Omnigo platform, security officers are able to pull data from the district’s FERPA-approved software database, select the name and photo of the student, and integrate their directory info into a security incident report. If the subject is a transient student who changes schools often, data from previous schools is displayed showing prior behavior that may reveal a pattern. Beyond isolated incidents, associations between students are logged, allowing reporting and tracking across properties to improve communication between districts. This transparency helps track drug activity, crimes, and vandalism when the information is shared with local law enforcement.

Prohibited access to the FERPA-approved student information and educational reporting software, contracted nighttime security officers patrol properties and report maintenance needs, vandalism, and signs of break-ins using the Omnigo platform. 

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