Corporate campuses

Corporate campuses

Increase business efficiency by improving security, reducing costs, increasing performance, and enhancing service levels with minimum exposure to liability.

With security and risk management, information is the currency for any security-related department to operate efficiently. Risk assessment, risk and liability mitigation, corrective action planning, implementation, and performance metrics rely upon effective information collection, management, and secure dissemination.

Omnigo's incident reporting software enables corporate security and surveillance practitioners to track all incidents that occur across different locations worldwide.

The integration of various security elements results in an increased efficiency both in terms of operational parameters and increased automation to simplify the management of often highly complex systems.

When you move into a converged system environment, you can capitalize on the information that is coming in and use it efficiently. This in itself becomes a return on investment by reducing administration overhead.

Required Reporting:


Criminal Activity / Money Laundering.


Theft (Internal / External).



Health and Safety.

Trespass Management.

Customer Service.

Additionally, Omnigo’s visitor management system enables security and surveillance personnel to efficiently keep track of visitors, as well as of employees.

Omnigo's advanced visitor management platform enables users to:

Know who is in their facilities and the employee(s) they are visiting.

Visit duration.

Generate VIP or POI alerts.

Verify visitor ID.

Provide early notification of persons who should be denied.

Access detailed audit reports.

Generate exception alerts such as fail to badge out.

Create instant role call reports for emergencies.

Provide a centralized database and view of visitors for ALL facilities in the extended corporate network.

Other advantages and tools to provide an enhanced security environment, improved customer service, and staff efficiency.

Visitor badging, registration, and tracking are also key components to a corporate security environment, replacing existing legacy sign-in books or proprietary systems. This integration between these two systems is a key advantage when accessing their existing personnel, banned/watched subjects, and location synergies, reducing the need for duplicate visitor information or multiple redundant information entry.