Standardized report generation and incident analysis.

With a wide variety of dispersed locations and assets, energy companies need cohesive scalable reporting to document and manage their business. Energy companies cannot afford costly plant or network outages that lead to disruption of services. Energy providers ensure the smooth transmission, distribution, and availability of their physical infrastructure.

Although securing infrastructure continues to be a focus for energy companies, operational safety is always a critical part of daily operations.

Areas that need comprehensive management reporting and analysis for both security and safety may include:

Security Operations Centers

Security Management Controls

Personnel and Training

Electronic Security

Physical Security

Systems Security Management

Incident Reporting and Response Planning

Recovery Plans

Energy companies need to demonstrate compliance with multiple groups and agencies, including the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), which has the authority to augment and enforce the standards as well as the ability to penalize.

Omnigo's reporting software can help energy companies implement the best practices for operation, management, personnel training, security incident response, and planning.