Gaming & Entertainment

Gaming & Entertainment

Unify data collected by the various security, surveillance, and operational departments.

Omnigo combines a legal casino's existing auditing, incident reporting, investigation workload to help security and surveillance leaders identify self-excluded patrons and other undesirables.

Omnigo's experience with gaming operations provides logical, proactive security layers including:

Security Reporting.

Surveillance Reporting.

Facial Recognition.

License Plate Recognition.

ID Recognition.

Player Risk analysis and Identification.

Personnel Management & Dispatch.

Business Intelligence.

Mobile Guard Patrol.

Detailed Investigations.

Responsible Gaming & Reporting.

Compliance Reporting (AML, etc.).

Suspicious Transaction Reporting.

Patron Trespass Management.

Patron/Activity Monitoring, Alerting, and Custom Notification.

System Interfacing.

Omnigo's Subject Centric Capabilities

Our Incident Reporting platform provides the ability to isolate subject-specific events and activities via the subject and application-specific modules.

These subject driven events and alerts are expanded as modules are added (AML, Visitor Management, Responsible Gaming, LPR, Facial Recognition, etc.).

This enables investigators, analysts, and departmental staff to analyze patron behavior for their specific requirements in isolation or as a whole.