Health Care

Health Care

Safety and Security Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Ensure the safety of your facility and protect your medical staff with incident reporting software.

More than 400 hospitals and health systems use Omnigo Software to ensure safer facilities

Track Incidents & Analyze Data

Easily document workplace violence and security incidents and utilize built-in analysis tools to identify trends and prevent recurrence.

Manage Risk More Effectively

Record employee injuries and document actions taken to prevent future occurences to ensure OSHA compliance and legal obligations are met.

Improve Emergency Response

Ensure appropriate action is taken during an emergency by providing access to safety and security policies with an easy-to-navigate pick list.

Easily Dispatch Security Personnel

Assign, initiate, track, and report on available security personnel and quickly dispatch officers on scene, in the event of a security breach or safety incident.

Manage Security Officer Activities

With Omnigo Guard Tour, monitor numerous checkpoints and with patrol and incident integration, ensure regulated security checks are completed and recorded, within specified timeframes.