The safety and security of all guests and employees is a top priority for any hotel.

Security teams and management in hotels need to stay informed and report immediately on security or safety-related incidents as they happen on the properties.

With Omnigo's enterprise web-hosted platform, hotels can track and manage security and operation information to achieve:

Accelerated incident and accident reporting & follow-up processes

Successfully achieved effective and efficient communication

Ensure accountability and authority

Unified structured reporting process

Saving time and reducing costs by integrating the Claims systems with the incident report.

Speed up the investigation and follow-up processes.

Gain Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Omnigo's Incident Reporting module enables operators to log incidents and track the status from initiation to completion.

Each incident can be "passed on" to the security manager or supervisor to be reviewed

Pictures, media files, and scanned documents can be attached to each incident for additional information

Omnigo's Dispatch module streamlines and simplifies the dispatch process.

911 Dispatch provides "real-time" views of all dispatched calls and location and availability of Hilton guards and officers.

911 Dispatch provides time tracking and clearance of dispatched Hilton guards and officers

Incidents can be simply escalated from the Dispatch to an Incident with a single "Click."

Omnigo's Lost & Found module provides a complete integrated organized solution for maintaining lost reports and matching them against found item databases.

Presents a visual color-coded view of outstanding found items as well as the ability to view previously disposed or returned items and all relevant details.

Manage found item inventory through ready identification of unreturned items that have a selected hold until date.

Manage and track item disposition.

Complete reporting capabilities on dispatched calls, incident reports, lost and found items, etc.

Extensive reporting statistics and metrics to become proactive versus reactive.

Integration to third-party claims management system.