Leverage Omnigo's standardized and centralized system for your operations.

Manufacturers need to manage unforeseen events, report incidents, and track all the metrics and statistics needed for the allocation of resources.

Omnigo for Manufacturing

Increase the safety and security of personnel, plant, equipment and other assets

Enable alerting and drill-down reporting using custom dashboard analysis and reporting to optimize security decisions

Manage security incidents, notifications and case management from occurrence to resolution

Dispatch personnel and manage day-to-day activities

Promote a positive and safe workplace with Anonymous Reporting

Real-time integration with cameras, alarm systems, and other existing systems

Track accurate incident files and work-related injuries with Omnigo's Software Solution Suite

We offer an economic solution that makes incident reporting, risk management, and dispatch security easy and efficient.

Omnigo's Incident Reporting and Risk Management platform

Enables manufacturers to properly track work-related injuries and dispatch work schedules while staying compliant with industry standards.

Omnigo's 911 Dispatch software

Provides a real-time view of all officer activities, including assignment and status. With a dispatch system in place, information about personnel availability, status, and location are immediately visible for efficient deployment and dispatch detail tracking.

Omnigo's 911 Dispatch

Allows for the optimization of search fields. Some of the main fields include: Date, Classification of Incidents, Property, Contacts, Damaged Property Fields, Theft Fields, and Case Numbering.

It is integrated within the Incident Reporting and Risk Management platform taking advantage of existing personnel, location, and daily log reporting. The initial information for a daily log is automatically populated and can be escalated to a full-blown incident.