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Mitigate Threats and Safeguard Your Brand

By protecting your people, assets, and technology, you are ensuring the protection of your brand and ultimately setting up your business for success. 

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End-to-End Corporate Solutions Customized for Your Business

We are focused on helping you protect your business while keeping security processes as streamlined and efficient as possible.

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Gain a Broader View of Visitor Management

Our centralized database provides a broad view of visitors for all facilities in your corporate network.

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Better Track Incidents with Advanced Reporting

Omnigo's incident reporting software enables corporate security and surveillance officers to track all incidents that occur across different locations worldwide.

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Mitigate Workplace Violence

Information is the currency for any security-related department to operate efficiently. With solutions such as risk assessment, risk and liability mitigation, corrective action planning, and implementation, you can set up a workplace violence prevention program that’s right for your organization.

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Plan for Fast-Moving and Emergency Situations

The best way to manage fast-moving situations is to have plans in place for any potential incidents. Every organization should have a plan to keep people protected in the event of a fire, inclement weather, and emergencies. 

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Customized Corporate Solutions

With solutions customized for your specific business, you can trust you’ll be fully protected with the best, most advanced technology, supported by a team of industry experts.


  • Mitigate instances of workplace violence and limit liability
  • Know who is in your facility and which employee(s) they’re visiting
  • Generate VIP or POI alerts
  • Improve security by monitoring visit duration and verifying visitor ID 
  • Notify security early of those who should not be permitted entry or access 
  • Quickly access and update detailed audit reports 
  • Generate exception alerts such as failing to badge out
  • Create instant role call reports for emergencies

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Protect Your Brand

With comprehensive, risk-based security plans, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business and reputation are protected.


Limit Liability

By taking the necessary precautions to prevent incidents and other security risks, you can limit liability and protect your business against fines and reputation damage.

Improve Efficiency with a Centralized End-to-End Solution

It’s time to digitize and streamline your security and safety processes. Work with our team of industry experts today.