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Gaming and Hospitality

Hospitality Software to Preserve Your Brand and Protect Assets

Upgrade your auditing, incident reporting, inventory tracking, and investigation processes into one end-to-end solution.

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Capabilities in Supporting Safety, Compliance, and Risk Management

The gaming and hospitality industries have great responsibility when it comes to the safety of guests, compliance of rules and regulations, and security of assets.  Omnigo’s Gaming/Hospitality suite of solutions can help unify data collected by various security, surveillance, and operational departments for actionable insights.

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Regulatory Compliance Made Simple

The ability to pull reports quickly and easily makes it possible to closely monitor the details of your operations so that you are always audit-ready.

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Safeguard the Integrity of Surveillance Footage

Our cloud-based digital evidence management system makes it simple and efficient to store, recall, securely share, and utilize your surveillance footage.

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Quit Losing Money to Shrinkage and Product Loss

Omnigo helps you spot and avoid shrinkage and product loss trends by connecting inventory, vendor deliveries, and surveillance video.

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Gaming and Hospitality Processes
Customized for Your Business

From delivering improved guest experiences to complying with regulations, our software has precisely what your organization needs to stay protected and profitable.

  • Reliable regulatory compliance 
  • Validated evidence to protect against liability and legal claims
  • In-depth awareness for crime prevention
  • Reduce shrinkage, waste, and loss
  • Deliver exceptional guest experiences
  • Improve employee training, review, and recognition
  • Seamless operations between departments
  • Improved margins

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Safeguard Your Brand

By increasing your awareness and safety measures with our end-to-end surveillance solutions, you can better protect your assets and your brand's reputation.


Deliver an Exceptional Guest Experience

Take customer care to the next level. Improve your guests’ experience by using data collection to create records documenting high-value guests’ choices, behaviors, and preferences.

The End-to-End Solution for
Security, Safety, and Compliance

You can benefit from Omnigo’s effective
hospitality and casino security solutions by providing
a safer and more secure environment for your guests.