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Healthcare Safety and Security Solutions

Address Regulatory Compliance, Safety, and Security

The safety and security of healthcare facilities are a cornerstone of public trust. The protection of patients, staff, and visitors is a top priority for healthcare systems across the country.

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Solutions Customized to Protect Healthcare Professionals

Companies that lead the industry in continuous improvement of their security and safety programs see increased job satisfaction, lower turnover, and better patient care.

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Mitigate Workplace Violence by Monitoring High-Risk Areas

Ensure that officers routinely check high-risk areas and automatically notify management when required tasks are not completed. 

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Effectively Manage Visitors

Our Visitor Management Software for hospitals can integrate with other threat detection solutions to determine high-risk visitors and alert the appropriate staff. 

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Comply with OSHA and Joint Commission Regulations

Omnigo's Security Management Software makes complying with state and federal regulations simple and easy. 

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Healthcare Safety Solutions

Optimizing the information, data organization, and communication resources available in your healthcare facility’s security management software system has never been more critical. 

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  • Better focus on patient care
  • Enhance employee health, satisfaction, and retention
  • Improved HCAHPS scores and recognition from patients, visitors, and the community that your facilities are safe and secure through a visitor management system
  • Comply with federal and state regulations, including OSHA, Joint Compliance, & more
  • Develop and integrate de-escalation and decision-making workflows
  • Increase response effectiveness in fast-moving situations
  • Improve investigative response time after an incident
  • Control permissions to offer anonymity in reporting
  • Integrate with security systems and patrols
  • Categorize incidents for effective, meaningful analysis and reporting

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Safeguard the Integrity of Surveillance Footage

Our cloud-based digital evidence management system makes it simple and efficient to store, recall, securely share, and utilize your surveillance footage.


Improve Incident Reporting

Documentation and demonstration of compliance with regulatory standards and guidelines are important, but they are just the beginning of your comprehensive workplace safety and security program. Incident reporting software can serve as the backbone of an effective healthcare workplace violence prevention program.

Keep Your Healthcare Facility Safe and Secure

See how the right safety and security management software can help healthcare organizations comply with regulations, improve efficiency, and protect staff.