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Save Time, Increase Efficiency, and Enhance Safety with a Single Software Solution


Unlike most incident reporting and risk management solutions that require multiple disparate systems, iTrak is designed as a single, comprehensive platform. Created as the superior multi-departmental, multi-property solution for Security and Surveillance departments, iTrak delivers quick, accurate analysis, pinpointing liabilities and enhancing operational efficiencies and benefits.

Improve Your Reporting and Analytics

Ad-Hoc Reporting lets users define and customize the reports they need most

Act Quickly When It Matters Most

iTrak’s dispatch system helps you respond quicker and smarter in fast-moving situations

Create a Safer Environment

Ensure your team is checking the right places and collecting the right information, at the right time with Guard Tour



Traditional reporting solutions only provide users with pre-defined, static reports of existing data. Customizing these reports usually involves significant effort, expertise, and cost, yet they only meet a small portion of end-user requirements.


Easy-to-use, flexible Omnigo iTrak Ad-Hoc Reporting extends traditional operational reporting beyond what users have come to expect. Easily modify and query report data to gather information for budgeting, ROI, and other risk managed models.


When time is of the essence, you need a CAD system that provides accurate, efficient data entry and officer assignment and management. Officer Dispatch delivers a complete solution, taking advantage of existing personnel, location, and daily log reporting.

  • Enter, track, print, schedule, and assign dispatches
  • Transfer call information directly and automatically into a full incident report
  • Complete in-progress, pending, and officer status views
  • View full dispatch, arrival, and clear times and codes
  • Easily dispatch officers nearest the scene for the quickest response



Monitoring numerous checkpoints can be a challenge. Ensure your security team checks the right places at the right time and can easily report on their findings with Omnigo Guard Tour.

  • Limit risk of liability with an audit trail and historical proof-of-presence reports
  • Verify check-ins and required tasks are completed and recorded within specified timeframes
  • Document incidents and upload digital media with mobile integration

About Omnigo

For more than 20 years, Omnigo software solutions have been the preferred choice for law enforcement, education, healthcaregaming, hospitality, and corporate enterprises. Currently, Omnigo’s solutions are used by over 2,000 customers in 20 different countries. At Omnigo, we’re committed to helping customers secure their organizations’ property, control operational costs, and ensure the safety of the general public.


We believe our customers deserve the best support available to protect their people, assets, and brand. We also understand how challenging it can be to protect the community without the proper resources. We’re here to arm users with the best tools in the industry. With a team that includes former law enforcement, first responders, and other public safety professionals, we’re uniquely qualified to understand exactly what our customers need to protect their community


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