Meet sheldon
Your Re-opening Solution.

SHELDON provides contactless temperature and intelligent identity verification capture and actionable tracking capabilities that help you mitigate risk, reduce cost, and return to work or campus with health and safety top of mind.


Minimize the risk of staff exposure in capturing temperature readings.

SHELDON is a contactless kiosk that captures temperature readings without requiring staff to be in close proximity. It can be monitored without directly exposing personnel to potentially infected individuals.


Reduce your health and safety screening costs.

Our case studies show that organizations could be spending more than $1 million per year on additional security and surveillance staffing. SHELDON can be manned remotely, potentially requiring fewer staff.


Safeguard your facilities with end-to-end tracking.

So you have a temperature reading and a photo. Now what? Where and how is that information stored and made accessible when an individual tries to re-enter? SHELDON is integrated with our robust risk management platform and can include intelligent identity verification to track, match and alert your staff of subsequent entry attempts. It also captures and stores data on all scanned subjects.

Other return to work solutions

Omnigo’s CleanTraQ platform for both web and mobile compliments SHELDON by enabling you to verify and report adherence to CDC, OSHA and Department of Health sanitation requirements at your facility.


Give your employees, visitors, students, and patrons the confidence and peace of mind to enter your facility with Omnigo’s health and safety checks in place.

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