Business Intelligence

Omnigo iTrak

Turn data into actionable intelligence with fully integrated real-time dashboard reporting and data visualization tools.

Gain visibility into your security operations and make better informed decisions with a fully integrated business intelligence solution

Access & Analyze Organization-Wide Data

Enable users from multiple departments to visualize and analyze data gathered across your organization with custom, interactive dashboards within one flexible, centralized business intelligence platform.

Configure Reports to Meet Your Analysis Needs

Quickly create reports and receive up-to-the-minute analysis across multiple departments. Easily define custom reports with drag-and-drop metrics, dimensions, and filters to ensure proper display of the information you need.

Visualize Your Data in Any Imaginable Way

Explore, analyze, and visualize your data precisely how you need with highly customizable, powerful visualizations, including interactive charts, gauges, maps, scorecards, and more.

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White Paper: Leveraging Business Intelligence in Security Strategy

Collecting and leveraging data helps companies gain insight into their operations. Omnigo's powerful business intelligence toolset enables users to capture and analyze a multitude of transactions and information on one centralized platform to achieve effective loss prevention, risk mitigation, efficient fraud detection, incident analysis, and monitoring.

Download the "Leveraging Business Intelligence in Security Strategy" white paper to learn more.

"Omnigo’s solution anticipated the duties of front-line security officers and offered relevant, integrated options to address them. The Lost and Found module fit really nicely into the reporting software—and the way we operate."

Dylan Hayes | Physical Security/Technology Project Manager

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