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Incident Reporting & Surveillance Software for Casinos

Protect your staff, patrons, property, and assets while streamlining reporting and data analysis with Omnigo security and surveillance solutions.

Over 350 casinos trust Omnigo Software for security, surveillance, and loss prevention

Increase Operational Efficiency

Empower your staff by simplifying the reporting and notification process and enabling sharing of incident and exclusion information across departments.

Mitigate Risk & Liability

Enhance security, streamline reporting and analysis, and generate a complete audit trail for accountability, compliance, and enforcement.

Assess Situations in Real-Time

Leverage data-driven security intelligence to address incidents in real-time, identify and track persons of interest, and minimize losses and exposure to liability.

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Protect Your Assets

Monitoring numerous checkpoints can be challenging. Omnigo Guard Tour provides complete patrol and incident integration to help you ensure regulated security checks of vulnerable assets are completed and recorded, within specified timeframes.

Add an Additional Line of Defense

Manage visitors to your casino, analyze and report activities or events, and maintain an audit trail of every patron. The optional  Omnigo Visitor Management system creates a 360° view of your guests for accountability, compliance, and enforcement.

Keep Banned Visitors from Entering your Establishment

Enable your security or surveillance team to track and approve admittance individuals into your establishment with the optional Patron Manager module that fully integrates with Omnigo Incident Reporting to allow you to better know your visitors, keep minors away, and/or prevent banned subjects from entering.

“By automating security and surveillance functions, we've saved considerable man hours while increasing the integrity of our data, allowing us to realize full return on investment in just 4 1/2 months.”

Jason Arnett | Director of Surveillance

New York Casino Hits Jackpot with Fully Integrated Security & Risk Management Solution

By deploying Omnigo’s fully integrated solution, Resorts World NYC has been able to transform its cumbersome manual processes into a high-performance security risk management system. The new platform has not only saved the casino valuable man hours but has also allowed its security and surveillance staff to shift from reactive to proactive measures.

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