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Omnigo Computer-Aided Dispatch

Reduce response times by streamlining and simplifying the dispatch process with Omnigo's comprehensive 911 dispatch system.

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Better connect 911 dispatchers to first responders

Streamline & Simplify Processes

Provide dispatchers with the tools to accurately capture information and quickly transfer it to first responders. User-friendly software provides prompts for required information and instant access to reference lists and online help.

Expedite Dispatch & Response

Quickly ascertain priority information and the status of the call. An advanced graphical interface and multiple monitor support enhance productivity and enable dispatchers to take swift and accurate action.

Ensure Speed & Reliability

Assure your ability to handle emergency calls with unparalleled speed and reliability. Omnigo's SaaS platform provides technology that's always secure and up to date at the lowest up-front cost.

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Customize to Meet Your Preferences & Needs

Reduce training and transition time by customizing Omnigo's computer-aided dispatch software to match your department's preferred terminology. Expand your dispatch center's capabilities by linking your system to federal, state, regional, and third-party systems, such as E911, NCIC, automatic location (AVL), and more.

Train New Dispatchers in Real Time

Set your dispatchers up for success and your community up for safety. Provide your dispatchers with the tools and training to accurately report and convey emergency information to responders in the field. Omnigo's "side-along" training allows dispatchers to experience the software in real time without being live on the air.

White Paper: How Mapping Capabilities Improve Dispatch Efficiency

Download this guide so you can discover how integrated mapping is critical for enabling the quickest possible response and improving emergency success rates. 

“Implementing the Omnigo platform throughout the department reduced the time to complete each report by 50–80%, depending on the type of case or incident.”

Glen Robinson | Supervisor IT

From Dispatch to the Field, Seamless Information Improves Communication

By deploying the fully integrated Omnigo platform, officers reduced report writing time by 50–80%, depending on the type of case or incident. Built-in data analysis tools allow administrators and elected officials to identify crime trends, recognize needed resources, and plan budgets. Having access to real-time statistical data helps police departments become more efficient and effective operations.

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