Safety and Security Solutions for Businesses

Protect your employees, your property, and your brand, and streamline incident reporting and analysis with Omnigo software solutions.

Organizations of all sizes ensure the safety of their employees and facilities with Omnigo software

Simplify the Reporting Process

Streamline the case and incident reporting process with an easy user interface featuring customizable drop-downs, shortcut codes, and auto-filling fields.

Gain Insight into Your Data

Measure the statistics that matter to you with up-to-the-second data analytics that provide a high-level snapshot of your security landscape.

Manage Records Efficiently

Simplify and accelerate the collection, completion, approval, and dissemination of criminal activity and incident reports.

Mitigate Risk More Effectively

Record employee injuries, document actions taken to prevent recurrence, and collect required details for OSHA reporting to maintain compliance and ensure legal obligations are met.

Improve Emergency Response

Ensure the right actions are taken in the wake of an emergency by providing access to safety and security policies via an easy-to-navigate pick list.

Track Lost & Found Items

Create and maintain a detailed, easy-to-search database of lost and found property that allows you to capture all relevant details associated with the items.

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White Paper: Prevent Workplace Violence With An Inside-Out Approach

Discover the 'inside-out' approach that gives you actionable methods to prevent workplace violence—designed to improve intervention and prevention, ensuring the safety of your employees, faculty, and resources in the event of a threat.

Download our free guide on taking an inside-out approach to preventing workplace violence to learn more.

Protect Vulnerable Assets

Monitoring numerous checkpoints can be challenging. Omnigo Guard Tour provides complete patrol and incident integration to help you ensure regulated security checks of vulnerable assets are completed and recorded, within specified timeframes.

Add an Extra Line of Defense

Manage visitors coming to your office to add an extra layer of security for your facility, employees, and assets. 

Omnigo Visitor Management system is an end-to-end visitor management solution that streamlines the check-in/check-out process. From pre-registration, custom badges, and incident reporting integration to offering self-service visitor check-ins,  Omnigo Visitor Management provides many options to secure and simplify the process. 

“To be able to react dynamically to daily security changes is significant in any security environment, but especially in a major city like Chicago. Having this capability is a tremendous asset to this facility in particular.”

Joe Doa | Director of Safety & Security, The Palmer House

Global Hospitality Company Achieves Complete Visibility Across Security & Hospitality Operations

By deploying Omnigo’s fully integrated solution, Hilton Worldwide has been able to gain greater visibility into its security, operations, resources, and staffing. The new platform has provided consistent reporting across Hilton properties and complete integration with its existing third-party systems, in addition to streamlining security processes and providing valuable insight into incident trends.

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