Anonymous Reporting

Anonymous Reporting

Empower public confidence to create transparency

In today’s highly regulated and sensitive environments, providing an effective, confidential and secure method of anonymous safety and security reporting of events and activities is a necessary component of a successful, compliant and ethical enterprise. Omnigo Anonymous Reporting module helps companies avoid litigation costs and other legal problems while guaranteeing the anonymity of any employee who submits an alert through the system.

The Omnigo Incident Reporting module combines day-to-day activities into a single platform, allowing agencies to manage a range of operations from a single system.

Safe & Secure

Anonymity allows observers to safely submit a confidential report. Crimes, threats, or violent actions can be reported anonymously with confidence. Information is only submitted to the appropriate security personnel for action.

Compliance: Enables instant/real time reporting of incident, threats, and warnings for Sarbanes-Oxley and Clery Act

Assists investigatory data collection and storage

Captures and stores data on secure SSL site without threat of manipulation

Helps avoid costly fines and litigation

Incident Reporting

When an incident is inputted whether it be anonymous or not, the system creates an incident file, which triggers a process to capture reports and incidents, regardless of where they arise within the organization. Anonymous e-reporting saves data entry time, accelerates the investigative process and promotes an organization’s commitment to a safe and secure environment. With Anonymous e-Reporting, an electronic incident form is provided, with information collection accepted securely and confidentially into the iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management Platform.