Investigations Campus

Investigations Campus

Create detailed reports for every case, with media-rich attachments

Omnigo Investigation module is a critical tool for investigation departments to accelerate their processes and inferences.

With this module, investigators can automate the collection and reading of all reports associated with an event, and information is made available in digital format for consuming and collaborating. Users can also launch investigations directly from the Case Reports module, and manage all activities related to the investigation from a unified dashboard that tracks progress and keeps investigators organized.

The module is capable of analysing cases and flagging similarities, sending automated email alerts to investigators. Users can define specific criteria to automatically crosscheck descriptions and identify similarities between unknown contacts and individuals in the database. Investigators can also set benchmark alerts so they’re automatically notified of incidents that may relate to their ongoing investigations.

The Investigation module allows users to:

Link related reports, contacts, vehicles, property, digital media and similar related data. Officers can manually link related reports as they complete them, and the software can also identify connections based on defined criteria.

Assign tasks and send messages to other investigators directly from the Investigations module to ensure open, fluid communication.

Print a detailed report that combines relevant information related to the case logically and professionally.