Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Improve the safety of your facility with an end-to-end visitor management system

Greet, Manage, & Track Visitors

Replace your visitor log book with a secure, paperless digital solution that creates a 360° view of your guests for accountability, compliance, and enforcement.

Simplify Visitor Check-In

Save time with pre-registration, one-click sign-in/out, and on-demand badge printing for new and returning visitors.

Generate Badges & Visitor Logs

Print single- or multi-property badges, send visit notifications, and collect NDA, pictures, and visit details for guests of your facility.

Scalable for Any Size Organization

Manage visitors across your entire organization with the ability to scale from one to hundreds of workstations across multiple properties, local or globally, all sharing a single centralized database.

Expand Your Security Capabilities

Increase your capabilities and gain access to existing personnel, banned/watched subjects, location databases—and more—via optional integration with Omnigo Incident Reporting

Enable Employees to Pre-Register Visitors

Reduce visit request times and eliminate miscommunication between employees and security teams. Enable employees to easily pre-register guests and send email notifications to security staff to obtain authorization, arrival times, overdue visits, and more—right from their desktop.

Our visitor web portal can also be integrated with existing subject, generic participants and personnel, including ban/watch notifications, within the Omnigo Incident Reporting platform to provide an extra layer of defense.

Provide Self Service with Visitor Management Kiosk

Available with a touch-screen kiosk for self-service visitor registration, sign-in, and management, Omnigo's Self-Service Visitor Management Kiosk is an ideal solution for high-traffic buildings or unsupervised lobbies and reception areas. The easy-to-use kiosk guides visitors through an intuitive, step-by-step registration and sign-in process for both new or existing preregistered visitors.