Arrest & Booking

Arrest & Booking

Meet all procedure mandates and maintain information flow throughout the process

Omnigo Arrest and Booking module reduces the time and effort required to process arrests.

The streamlined reporting interface allows for detailed data entry, and checks for accuracy through prompts at every step.

This allows for officers to create detailed information records in the shortest possible time, without errors or misinformation.

The Arrest and Booking module allows police agencies to:

Keep track of all arrest charges, intake information, jail logs, probable cause and warrant information from one easy-to-use program module. Agency members can easily search for information through our intelligent search module.

Print arrest and booking sheets, Miranda warnings, intake forms, jail log questionnaires, personal property records and more documents related to arrest and booking procedures.

Keep records of all personal property as it is taken into custody to ensure that it is kept secure and returned to the correct person upon release.