Leverage real-time ticketing and collections to drive better efficiency

Omnigo Citations module is an integrated tool to issue citations and manage them by automatically populating information that already exists in the database.

Officers can add unlimited digital media including photos, videos, audio clips and documents to provide a record of the situation resulting in the citation. Quick codes and drop-down menus minimize typing and expedite data entry. Officers and administrators can easily search the database, keep detailed records of citations, and run analytical reports on citations.

The Citation module allows:

System administrators to configure settings for the module: including increasing fine amounts automatically after a specified time lapse, and trigger the system to print letters to notify offenders of their payment deadlines and increases.

Detailed analytics to run reports, compile reports to view citation history, paid and unpaid payment statuses, types of violations, and when citation notification letters were sent.

Agents to reduce unpaid citations by offering convenient tools for payment online. To pay a citation, offenders simply log on to an external website, search for their citation using the citation number and amount of the fine, and enter payment information.