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4 Essential Features Your CAD Software Should Include

Emergency dispatchers do incredibly challenging, demanding work, helping community members deal with some of the most stressful moment of their lives, while also maintaining calm, gathering information, and providing aid.


The need for an effective CAD system is essential to manage these demands. The right CAD system can support dispatchers and responders in the field with critical information management tools, allowing the professionals to focus on protecting and helping people.


To be fully effective, your CAD system should include four essential features:


E911 Integration

E911 Integration can automatically pinpoint a caller’s geographic location and phone number through coordination with telephone providers and display the necessary information on the dispatcher’s computer screens. This data then allows dispatchers to share vital information quickly and easily with first responders.


Silent Dispatch

Silent dispatch sends assignments from the dispatcher directly to the mobile patrol system within an officer’s vehicle. The assignment includes the location, status, and relevant information of an emergency so officers are able to deploy the proper response team quickly.


AVL Tracking

Automatic vehicle location (AVL) tracking allows dispatchers to see which response vehicles are nearest to an emergency. With the addition of mapping capabilities, dispatchers can quickly decide which vehicle to send to a scene by reviewing the recommendations from their CAD system and making a quick scan of the map to see who’s closest. By using AVL technology in conjunction with mapping, dispatchers and first responders are able to lower their response time.


GPS Mapping Services

While all information exchanged between a dispatcher and first responders is critical, the most necessary is the emergency’s location. The E911 feature only shares an address or cell phone coordinates that can be translated into an address, and those still need to be accurately mapped to actually be helpful. CAD systems that integrate GPS mapping services, therefore, provide organizations with the tools they need to respond to an emergency quickly and effectively.