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Does the Courts’ Evidence Management System Support Your Trial Strategy and Prep Process?

With the onset of COVID-19, courts across the US immediately pivoted to a virtual structure, and many are unlikely to switch back to in-person anytime soon. According to a study by Thompson Reuters, only 13% of respondents said “they would return to pre-pandemic, in-person operations for court hearings.” Virtual courts are here so stay, and while they present a number of benefits for attorneys, they also bring about one very serious challenge – safe, efficient management of evidence from submission through disposition.

According to the Thompson Reuters survey, the majority of courts – approximately 72% -- are currently handling exhibits and hearing bundles via email submission, but, as an attorney, you’re well aware that there are a number of problems associated with this method:

  • Ensuring chain of custody is maintained when you can’t track who’s seen or accessed the email or attachments
  • Managing all evidence when it’s coming from multiple parties and through multiple emails
  • Limitations on number and size of attachments
  • Differing levels of access to email submissions

Stop wasting time handling evidence with outdated, unsafe, and difficult-to-use solutions. A centralized platform that manages file submission, sharing, and storage provides you with automation, intelligence, security, and transparency in the evidence management process. It also helps eliminate common issues associated with antiquated evidence systems such as CDs, DVDs, emails, and thumb drives.

Omnigo’s innovative Evidence Management Solution for Courts can help streamline and simplify your trial strategy and prep process and ensure you’re prepared for court, whether in person or virtual:

  • Litigants can create a profile and use the secure portal to upload their evidence pertaining to their case
  • Prosecutors can send a link to any witness, allowing them to securely upload evidence without having to create a profile
  • Gather media in one centralized location, easily view everything in one place, and ensure all applicable evidence has been uploaded and is arranged in the order you need it presented
  • Eliminate any risk of technical malfunctions or forgotten evidence in court when it can all by uploaded and managed within the system ahead of time
  • Ensure all applicable parties can easily access and view all evidence while you’re presenting it in court
  • Upload any size file and any amount of evidence – there are no limits to how much the system can hold
  • Feel confident the chain of custody has been maintained with security features that track exactly who has accessed the evidence and allows users to set access permissions

Are you interested in learning more? View our Courts page or contact our team to request a demo.