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Is Your Law Enforcement Department Protected Against Cyber Threats?

Over the last five years, cyberattacks against law enforcement agencies have skyrocketed to epic levels. As we shift to a culture of hacktivism, ransomware, and denial of service attacks, law enforcement agencies are becoming prime targets for cybercriminals looking for notoriety and seeking retribution for perceived wrongs.


According to a recent survey of government agencies nationwide, 44% of participating agencies admit cyber threats are a daily occurrence.


More staggering—this finding only represents the frequency of attacks during everyday operations. But what happens if your agency is the subject of national controversy? What if your officers find themselves on the nightly news, and your department becomes the object of online scandal? While all instances are different, and all cases are subject to broad interpretation, one fact remains the same: In the wake of a crisis, your agency will face an influx of cyber threats not only stemming from your own backyard but from threat actors across the globe.


Make no mistake, within minutes of the story breaking, your systems will be attacked, your records will be compromised, and a tidal wave of traffic will flood your servers in attempt to hurl your agency in the dark.


Will you be ready? Or, will your staff be left scrambling to plug the dam before critical information leaks out and exposes the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your officers, leaders, investigators, and informants?

  • How will you manage an elevated call volume without access to your CAD, internal records, asset location services, or shared criminal databases?
  • What about citizen services like 911?
  • What happens to your community and your officers when a breach in security compromises their safety?
  • Will your interrogation and surveillance footage become the next viral video, or will confidential evidence be sold to the highest bidder?


If you’re not confident in your department’s abilities to handle a full-scale cyberattack, it’s time to bolster your resources. You can protect your agency and your community without breaking the bank or compromising on service with the right cloud-based RMS.


Contact us to learn how Omnigo’s cloud-based solutions can offer your department the security and protection to remain running and stay safe from onset to recovery.