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Why a Cloud Solution is the Best Way to Safeguard Your Data and Streamline Processes

In the law enforcement sector, maintaining confidentiality of sensitive information is of the utmost importance. Because law enforcement agencies need to frequently access records to conduct investigations and share information with other departments, maintaining data security can be challenging. To protect against data breaches, law enforcement agencies must carefully consider the software and processes used to save and share their data.


So, what is the best solution? In the past, skepticism surrounded the safety and security of cloud-hosted solutions; however, over time, many law enforcement agencies have experienced the peace of mind and increased efficiency provided by cloud-based public safety software. Consequently, many departments now view cloud solutions as the industry standard.


Your current database houses the law enforcement data your officers collect every day. Over time, this daily accumulation of sensitive information amounts to massive volumes of data that your department must keep secure and confidential.


When managed correctly and communicated quickly and accurately, data can help improve both officer and community safety. Solutions meant to ensure data security should never hinder an officer’s ability to access necessary data, whether in the office or field. Rather, the software should provide officers with reliable, instantaneous access to vital information.


Cloud software solutions are the best way for law enforcement departments to address these security issues. Selecting a software vendor you trust to host your most sensitive information in the cloud will help you do more with your data and worry less about who has access to it. A trusted, cloud-based RMS enables you to collect, access, and share crime data in a highly secure manner.


With the right cloud-hosted solution, your department will be able to securely access and share information as needed to better protect and serve your community. At the end of the day, your main concern is the safety of your officers and how to best enable them to do their jobs. Hosting your department’s data in an integrated, secure cloud solution is step one.


Ready to see how a cloud-based security solution can benefit your department? Contact us to request a demo or learn more.