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Cloud solutions are becoming the go-to for organizations looking for a one-step solution to data management and top-tier security because they help ensure your department remains agile and resilient. Cloud solutions enable your organization to maintain stricter data controls and allow you to manage what comes in and what goes out. Whether your information is in transmit or receive mode, it’s fully encrypted and secure.


Below are four other reasons to invest in cloud-based software solutions:



  • Faster resolution to bugs and problems
  • Faster updates push
  • No hold-up time to get access to replicate problems
  • Well-tested environment ensures 100% compatibility with the application for new updates



  • No limits on access, downloads, or storage
  • Infrastructure is historical up to 99.999999% of the time
  • Server scaling up/down based on demand


Security and Data Privacy

  • AWS-Gov-Cloud specific environment
  • CJIS Privacy Act compliant
  • Data encrypted at rest and in-transit
  • Cloud watch and monitor
  • Firewall and intrusion detection
  • Data will never be used for commercial use
  • Customers owns the data


Data Recovery

  • Data files are written three times to ensure no file is ever lost
  • Hot failover database setup and application recovery
  • Data backups are automatic, resulting in higher uptime and fewer expenditures for infrastructure, equipment, storage, and personnel
  • Backups are kept for seven days


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