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Using Incident Reporting Software to Help Reduce HAIs

What are HAIs?

Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) -- preventable infections acquired by patients while receiving healthcare treatment –- account for up to $33 billion in excess medical costs for U.S. hospitals every year, imposing significant economic consequences to healthcare organizations, especially at a time when budgets are being stretched thin.

HAI Prevention Program

The importance of an HAI prevention program that encourages a culture of communication and mandatory reporting cannot be understated. But your program won’t succeed if you don’t have incident reporting software in place that allows you to easily identify the most significant infections or clearest opportunities for progress.

Complete, consistent reporting is the number one solution that enables all other interventions to succeed. The right software can serve as the backbone of an effective HAI prevention program for your healthcare facility.

You can’t know where your organization needs extra support or which intervention will be most effective, if you don’t know exactly what’s happening, where it’s happening, when it’s happening, and why it’s happening.

The right incident reporting software should allow you to:

  • Make more informed decisions with convenient reporting and easy-to-search databases
  • Streamline operations with superior communication features
  • Save time on data entry by automatically populating known information
  • Automate reporting
  • Ensure efficient, accurate data collection

Learn more about why the right incident reporting software is an essential part of enhancing patient safety. Contact us for more information or a free demo.