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Modern incident reporting solutions enable security teams to better track, report, and analyze data to gain valuable, actionable insights that provide a broader view of their organization’s security and safety and improve prevention and response.


Unfortunately, for many security departments, budget for upgrading technology is often limited. If you’re looking for ways to justify the purchase of a new incident reporting solution, read on.


1) Increased Productivity & Time Savings

Advanced incident reporting solutions simplify the report writing process and eliminate duplicative efforts, helping boost productivity, save time, and ensure that officers spend less time behind a desk. For example, when an officer creates a report related to a subject already in the database, the known information auto-populates the report, so time isn’t wasted re-entering information.


This software can also help improve communication between officers and streamline collaboration between departments. In addition to detailed pass-down logs that ensure continuity from shift to shift, the best incident reporting platforms offer built-in methods for sharing incident records and other necessary information, eliminating the need to print out or email reports to colleagues.


2) More Accurate, Detailed Reports

There are many reasons why completing accurate, detailed incident reports is crucial for your organization. For one, depending on your industry, failing to maintain and report accurate incident data can result in fines. Additionally, in the event an incident leads to litigation, having an incomplete or inaccurate detail of the events may lead to financial losses—or worse.


Advanced incident reporting software helps mitigate these concerns. The best solutions are configurable and require certain fields to be completed to ensure vital details aren’t inadvertently missed.


3) Greater Insight Into Incident Trends

Your officers have likely been capturing incident data for quite some time, but has this information been useful to your team or is it merely stored in the event legal action is ever taken? Advanced incident reporting systems enable raw data to be utilized in ways that less sophisticated incident reporting software could never allow: to proactively prevent incidents from ever occurring.


When armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better prepared to take proactive action. Making informed decisions to reduce risk is simple once you gain a broader perspective of the security environment within your organization.


4) Broader View Of Security

Although your department’s main responsibility is ensuring the safety of your organization, at times it’s necessary to demonstrate the results of your efforts. Whether to satisfy mandatory reporting requirements; to show stakeholders progress on certain activities; or to justify additional budgetary requests, every security director faces the need to compile and display large amounts of data.


With the right solution, you won’t need to be an IT specialist to create comprehensive, professional-looking reports—you’ll be able to create reports that are as in depth or as simple as needed to showcase your department’s efforts in an easy-to-consume format.


Today’s integrated incident reporting solutions provide the tools necessary for effectively tracking, reporting, and analyzing data to ultimately improve prevention and response. Ready to learn more? Check out our comprehensive line of incident reporting solutions or request a demo.