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Nowadays, everyone in the software business likes to throw around the terms ‘customizable and leading-edge.’ While it’s true, your agency needs a public safety solution that ‘works as hard as you do’ and goes ‘wherever the situation takes you,’ when you stop to think of it, most vendor’s offer a similar suite of information management services.  In other words, their technician’s design a product to cover the 80% of your job that’s similar to what every law enforcement agency does.

And while Omnigo’s ITI public safety software does include a ton of ‘we-do-too’ features like integrated computer-aided dispatch, records management, case reporting, asset location, call mapping and even regional information sharing—we like to do things a bit different. We call it the 80/20 rule.

Let’s explain.

We know not every law enforcement agency works the same. For the most part, there’s usually about a 20% difference in how your department operates as opposed to your neighbors. Yes, your mission may vary, and you may follow a different set of SOPs, but admit it, 80% of the job is the same from agency to agency. That’s why we’ve built our software to accommodate and adapt to the 20% difference. It’s the perfect combination of out-of-the-box and customizable.

The best part? No five-week training class. It’s simple to learn and even easier to operate.

Why do we do this? Because we’re committed to our belief in…


First-Hand Experience

Unlike many other solution providers, we’ve been in the software business for more than 25 years. Before that, many of us worked in law enforcement. Our sales team alone has over a century of combined sworn law enforcement experience. We’ve pulled over vehicles at 4 am, hoping dispatch returns the plate information before we step out of the car, we’ve held our breath serving warrants, and we’ve spent hours sifting through paperwork to find that one missing detail. We’re not looking for accolades. We just want to convey that when we say ‘mission-critical,’ we know what it means. These services are vital in helping you do your job—safely and effectively. So everyone goes home afterward.

Yes, we’re officially a “tech company with extensive IT and product expertise,” but we’ve also been on the other side.

More importantly, we’ve engineered and perfected our software over the last 25 years with the help of law enforcement agencies nationwide. When you talk—we listen. If our solution is lacking a critical module or even a nice-to-have feature, we take your feedback to heart. And we configure your insights and suggestions into our updates and redesigns. No one knows your department and your community like you—so if you say you need something, we’ll do our best to give it to you. No questions asked.


Strategically Simple Designs

There are a ton of law enforcement solutions out there. And while some of them may be cool to look at and even cooler to play with, not every solution lives up to the hype or does what it’s supposed to do—like work when you need it.  Flashy buttons aren’t so fun when you’re three calls behind, and you can’t get the online reporting system to cooperate. At the same time, the last thing you need is to wait five hours for tech support. Especially on a full-moon Friday night.

While we can’t promise you’ll never get frustrated working with technology; we can guarantee you’ll never wonder ‘what this button does’ or question whether or not you need an advanced engineering degree to submit an incident report or fill out a shift log.

Don’t get us wrong, our software utilizes the same innovative technology as everyone else, and in most cases, it far surpasses our competitors, we just don’t clutter your screen with options you’ll only use once in a while.

We’ve designed the software from the end-users perspective. Clean screen; fast, accurate database return; simple, professional report generation; streamlined GPS functions, and any-field search queries. We also incorporate case management, predictive technology, and 256-bit data encryption along with a plethora of other modules. Everything is at your fingertips, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming and hinders productivity. You’ll get what you need—when you need it—minus the hassle and headaches..


Affordable High-End Solutions

Not everyone has the funds for leading-edge technology, but that doesn’t mean your department should settle. Not at all. You can afford a configurable solution that aligns with your expectations and falls within your budget. We can help.

In fact, we have a strong history of collaborating with small to medium-sized law enforcement agencies as consultants and solution providers.

Maybe we’re wrong, but we think every department should have full access to intuitive information and innovative service, regardless of budget. That’s why we won’t charge you for every little feature or upgrade. When we hand you a quote, it includes the extras our competitors consider add-ons. More expensive doesn’t mean better. Our law enforcement software has the same hi-tech features, ironclad security, and 24/365 support as any other provider—just without the sticker shock and fine print.


Consultative Support

While you may operate a bit differently than your neighbors, you shouldn’t have to compromise the critical services you need to compensate for a minimal amount of customization. Before you plan your next RMS software purchase or integrated systems upgrade, it’s essential to consider where your advice is coming from and what you're really getting for the price.

Does the solution meet your needs in addition to your expectations, or is it just another dressed-up version of ‘we-do-too’? Equally important, does your vendor have actual law enforcement experience or merely a basic understanding of the job?

If you can’t answer those questions with 100 percent certainty, it might be time to reconsider your choice.

Not all solutions are equal. Settling for “good enough” should never be an option. It isn’t for us. 

For more tips on how you can avoid settling for a ‘We-Do-Too’ solution, read our latest buyers guide.