A New Way to Compete in Today's Demanding Gaming Market

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Competition among casinos continue to rise as gaming operations struggle to remain competitive in today’s evolving market. Casino guests have plenty of options for a night of gaming and entertainment. While this is great for guests and patrons, gaming organizations, casino operators, and other entertainment providers struggle to find new ways to differentiate themselves and attract loyal patrons.

Some of the tried-and-true ways to win over customers include offering new gaming machines; introducing restaurants and nightclubs; featuring shows, headline performers, and events; expansions and renovations; and hiring top talent. But today’s forward-thinking casino operators have realized the benefits of something much more subtle: leveraging technology to improve their security, surveillance, and loss prevention operations.

Implementing incident reporting software provides casinos with a competitive advantage by providing a safer environment and exceptional customer service for their guests. In its most basic use case, the incident reporting module of a security and surveillance system helps casinos plan for and mitigate risk by identifying and tracking suspicious activity and/or individuals to ensure the utmost safety of patrons. This takes a lot of behind-the-scenes data collection. Incident reporting software is capable of capturing multiple levels of people and events data to generate reports that help paint a more complete picture for casino operators. The consistency and reliability of that data is key to ensuring proactive and strategic casino operations and a safer environment. 

While patrons may not put much thought into the security of the premises, they are more likely to return to a casino that has a reputation for being safe. Below are other modules of an incident reporting and risk management software solution that can further improve customer service and provide a competitive edge.

Value-Added Features

Visitor Management

A visitor management system allows casino security personnel to track those who are visiting the casino through a registration and badging process. Visitor management is used typically for back-of-house visitor operations to ensure vendors, whether walk-ins or pre-registered, are greeted and managed appropriately. Through this solution, users can create, track, and manage these visits easily, with all the information they need available quickly. While visitor management is not guest-facing, it does add a level of professionalism and organization that some guests may notice and appreciate.  

Patron Management

Patron management is a guest-facing system that provides a visible customer service advantage. The solution, installed at casino or bar entrances where security personnel is staffed, verifies guest IDs and integrates with the casino’s existing subject database. This subject database is then able to check for underaged, banned, or BOLO (Be On The Lookout) individuals and immediately alert staff, so the situation can be mitigated efficiently. 

Lost & Found

When a patron loses an item, it’s often a stressful and nerve-wracking experience. But, when a casino utilizes an integrated lost and found solution, the retrieval process can be dramatically simplified. The lost and found module enables employees to create individual reports that include a photo and description for each lost or found item and track all related information. Having the capability to record lost items in an easy-to-search database that utilizes a built-in algorithm to help match items to owners is a much more effective and efficient process. When casinos have a well-established lost and found system in place, patrons feel at ease knowing their belongings are in good hands.

Anonymous Reporting

Anonymous reporting is a tool that casinos can employ for internal use to allow employees witnessing suspicious behavior to anonymously alert security staff of the activity without the fear of recrimination. Because of the anonymity, employees may be more likely to report concerning situations or activities to keep patrons safe.

Recognition Systems

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition is an ideal solution for identifying known vehicles in casino entrances and parking lots. Omnigo’s iLPR (Intelligent License Plate Recognition) solution, is designed to accurately read license plates. When a flagged vehicle enters or exits a parking facility, the iLPR system generates automatic alerts, allowing casino security staff to review the vehicle and owner in question. This process offers an additional tool to increase the effectiveness of self-exclusion programs and trespass management, while enhancing the safety, security, and treatment of VIP guests.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is critical in casinos to keep self-excluded or banned individuals off-premise. It can also be a valuable customer service tool, especially when dealing with VIP patrons. If VIPs are a part of the software’s database, security personnel will be alerted of their presence and ensure the appropriate casino host is available to greet and escort them.

In addition to the solutions above, there are other modules that help casinos be more proactive with their security and risk operations and enable an optimal customer experience. Tools like ad-hoc reporting, business intelligence, and case management are not customer facing but greatly contribute to a casino’s success.

When these security software modules are combined, not only do they maximize security, they also enhance customer service, which is the driving factor in gaining customer loyalty. Incident reporting software can be used across departments, like marketing, facilities, operations, risk management, and compliance, if previously authorized by the security team, to improve the overall operations of the casino by sharing valuable data. Due to the nature of their role, and because they are usually the first people that patrons come in contact with, security teams have the clearest view of who’s coming and going at their casino and what events are taking place.

Security plays an important role in providing exceptional customer service, making guests feel welcome and safe—and that will keep them coming back.

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