Survive or Thrive? Visitor Management in a Post COVID Environment

COVID-19 has upended everything, and it appears there is no returning to “normal” life, at least not in the foreseeable future.

The risks associated with working in close quarters such as an office space, has employees and management concerned for their safety. Companies are modifying their work spaces to ensure social distancing, with at least six feet apart.

Campus facilities face new challenges as they prepare to reopen their doors in a post-COVID scenario. In addition to the usual security protocols, they must now take cleaning, sanitation, and social distancing guidelines into consideration to ensure the safety of returning employees, faculty, and students.

In hospitality, where in-person interaction remains essential, supervision and reception policies in spaces where visitors gather are also changing. One factory in Italy introduced a bathroom traffic light system to prevent the spread of the virus, Reuters reported. Why? Because people expect facilities to maintain high standards and put safeguards in place to protect customers and employees.

As government lockdowns begin to ease up, businesses are seeking ways to mitigate some of the current risks with COVID-19. With proper measures, corporate offices, campuses, hotels, factories, and other facilities can move their businesses forward.

Omnigo offers an advanced end-to-end visitor management system, to help maintain the safety of your facility. With automated check-in/check-out capabilities, and an optional self-service visitor management kiosk that requires no person-to-person contact, visitors and employees can feel more at ease while being at the workplace.

Omnigo’s visitor management solution simplifies the registration process for both employees and visitors, replacing a simple pen and paper logbook with a secure, paperless digital solution to greet, manage, and track visitors. In a COVID-19 world, a 360° view of your guests is necessary for accountability, compliance, and enforcement.

The Omnigo Visitor Management solution extends features beyond compliance and has various other guest-facing capabilities such as pre-registration of visitors, on-demand printing of badges, sending visit notifications, collecting NDAs, and taking photos of guests in a facility.

As we all adjust to life in the “new normal,” corporate offices, campuses, hotels, factories, and other facilities need the structure and visibility that Omnigo can bring. A sophisticated solution like Omnigo’s Visitor Management System can help your business not only to survive but thrive – while staying safe and compliant in a post-pandemic world.

If you’re ready to streamline your visitor check-in/check-out process and leverage other capabilities of a visitor management system, contact us and we would be happy to provide you with a personalized demo.