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Forensic departments are integral to public safety organization, and their contributions to the investigative process cannot be understated. Because of massive caseloads and inefficient software, though, it can often take weeks or months for the forensic team to extract the essential mobile data needed for an investigation.


Waiting this long for data extracted from mobile devices is a clear detriment to solving cases and can create backlogs for the courts waiting on this evidence.


What Problems Are You Risking (and How Can Omnigo Eliminate Them)?


The Problem: It’s a burdensome, lengthy process to extract data from a mobile device. Once an outside agency parses the data, your forensic team still needs to turn that zip file into readable data for investigators. When investigators need to wait for essential digital evidence, they may miss potential connections and trends that could be easily discoverable within different apps on mobile devices.

Our Solution: Investigation and Case Management eliminates the manual workload required for your forensic department to extract data. Instead, the software converts the zip file into easily readable, searchable data within 10-30 minutes, providing investigators with the information they need, when they need it, and easing the burden and workload of the forensic department, so they can focus on other responsibilities.


The Problem: Even once the forensic department has parsed the extracted data, it’s still not readily available in a simple view that’s usable by detectives without ample time or energy spent searching on the forensic department’s computer in files or folders that aren’t easily searchable and can be challenging to navigate.

Our Solution: Every moment can matter during an investigation, making it a necessity to have software that efficiently sorts, organizes, and searches through mobile device data. Investigation and Case Management organizes device data into multiple, easy-to-view categories:

  • Phone Logs
  • Contacts
  • Browser History
  • Text Messages
  • Emails
  • GPS
  • Motion State
  • Step Count

The Problem: The ability to plot GPS data points can make a significant difference for investigators who need to track the movements of suspects or victims. When investigators have to wait for the forensics team to extract the data and plot GPS coordinates on a map, it can pose serious risks to the timeliness of an investigation:

  • Digital information that may be relevant to the investigation, such as photos, surveillance cameras, and videos, may be erased or taped over by the time investigators realize it may be needed
  • Without GPS coordinates to show the movements of a suspect, it can be challenging to prove statements or alibis
  • It can be tough to understand movements and behaviors if investigators aren’t able to easily track GPS data alongside any coordinating phone calls or text messages that show a clear timeline of what happened

Our Solution: Investigation and Case Management plots all GPS data points on an easy-to-read Google map that shows a timeline of movement.

  • Shows all data on one level, so it’s easy to view all locations visited
  • Search by specific time frames and time intervals by seconds
  • Click on a data point to link to business contact information
  • Request surveillance footage and other digital data through the app

Shouldn’t Your Investigation Software Keep Up with Changing Technology?

With the reliance on mobile data to make headway on, and even solve, a number of today’s criminal investigations, it’s clear the outdated methods available are no longer cutting it, especially when the months long wait can lead to the loss of data, missed connections, and delays in solving cases or finding suspects.


At Omnigo, we understand how important it is to have immediate access to the data investigators need most – especially when every second counts. Investigation and Case Management eliminates the time and manual workload involved with extracting and organizing information from mobile devices.