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Our ability to generate digital evidence is exploding, and policing is becoming a high-tech profession. Yet, most departments aren’t keeping up with the demand to efficiently collect, store, organize, and utilize it all.


So what are the consequences of underutilized digital data?


Missed Critical Connections and Patterns

When digital data is siloed in disparate storage systems, it can be challenging to draw the right connections.


Perceived or Actual Bias

When resources are limited, some departments have to be selective about which cases will receive a complete analysis of the digital evidence


Reduced Awareness

When it’s difficult to share relevant digital evidence with neighboring jurisdictions, critical awareness is lost.


Lost Time, Lost Convictions

When there are months of backlogs and more data than a department can handle, prosecutors don’t get digital evidence on time to prepare properly, and sometimes they don’t get it at all. According to a publication by the RAND Corporation, more cases are being solved on digital evidence than anything else. Communities can’t afford to skip this step.


The Effective Solution that Turns Digital Evidence into Powerful Proof

The best solution to the digital data deluge is a robust, cloud-based digital evidence management system (DEMS). A purpose-built DEMS provides more than merely storage. It provides automation, intelligence, security, and transparency. It also provides a single end-to-end solution that meets the needs of the entire justice system, from the officers responding to 911 calls to the prosecutors who need to prepare and share a complete evidence package. An integrated, scalable, searchable solution will bring unprecedented efficiency, insight, accuracy, and security to your investigations and will free up valuable officer time to enable increased community presence.


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