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Typical law enforcement incidents can now generate over 1TB of evidence, and policing is quickly becoming a high-tech profession. Yet, most departments can’t keep up with the demand to efficiently collect, store, organize, synthesize, analyze, and utilize all of this digital evidence.


Antiquated systems for managing digital evidence cost agencies time and money and cost communities justice. And while some agencies are establishing better use of digital data through more sophisticated storage methods, workflows still remain largely manual and disconnected, despite the more advanced technology.


None of the digital data collected has any value if it can’t be easily accessed, shared, contextualized, and analyzed. In fact, underutilized data may be one of the biggest challenges in policing.


The best solution to the digital data deluge is a robust, cloud-based digital evidence management system (DEMS). It’s an integrated, scalable, searchable solution that brings unprecedented efficiency, insight, accuracy, and security to your investigations.


Effective digital evidence management can:


  • Increase community presence
  • Justify spending
  • Increase accountability
  • Demonstrate effectiveness
  • Gain public trust
  • Enable agility


There can be a number of challenges that prevent police department from implementing ideal DEMS, though. Budgets are tightening across law-enforcement agencies. Some departments don’t know how to justify a large technology expenditure when they need more officers in the field. Most departments recognize that they are overwhelmed with enormous quantities of digital evidence, but some aren’t comfortable embracing a drastic change in the way they work. There are also concerns about using AI in policing, since some believe it can increase bias in policing.


Streamlining and automating administrative activities related to managing digital evidence reduces overtime costs and frees up hours for officers to spend in the field. DEMS are force multipliers that contribute to the best outcomes for the community and can ultimately save costs.


The digital evidence deluge will only get worse over the next five years, but it doesn’t have to be detrimental. Turn this challenge into an opportunity by investing in a digital evidence management system that addresses more than just the digital evidence challenge.


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