Violence and Aggression Against Educators Is on the Rise

A recent study by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that one-third of surveyed teachers reported experiencing at least one incident of verbal and/or threatening violence from students during COVID and over 40% of school administrators reported verbal or threatening violence from parents during COVID.


These statistics are staggering and most likely contributing to the current high turnover rate of educators and school personnel. The APA study reports almost half of the teachers surveyed they want or plan to quit or transfer jobs due to “concerns about school climate and school safety.”


It’s clear that drastic steps need to be taken to help protect school personnel, create a safer environment, and reduce turnover rates. These should include:

  • Comprehensive training programs developed in collaboration with educators and school personnel
  • Complete, consistent incident reporting that allows security personnel to track trends and gain actionable insights
  • Creating a culture of communication that makes it clear reporting is encouraged, supported, and required
  • Preplanning and incident management software that allows users to mobilize quickly in fast-moving situations
  • Empowering staff, students, and community members with anonymous reporting capabilities that help improve safety and security
  • Connecting to the community with documented safety procedures and mass notifications


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