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Is Your Incident Management Software Meeting Your Needs?

The success of any incident response or crisis management effort depends largely on the quality of your pre-planning.


Incidents that can put communities at risk range from severe weather or cyber events to active shooters or train derailments. 


But it’s not only adverse events that demand comprehensive strategic and tactical pre-planning to ensure well-organized, coordinated responses. Communities also host festivals, concerts, and sporting events, and citizens exercise their rights to speech, expression, and assembly at rallies and public demonstrations.


Pre-planning allows authorities to get the right resources in place, coordinate key stakeholders, and ensure a comprehensive approach. Whether the incident is a planned event or an emergency, public safety is assured, and communities can feel secure and resilient.


But the quality of any incident response plan relies on three critical elements:

  • Complete, up-to-the-minute geospatial knowledge
  • Comprehensive situational awareness
  • Connected, unified response by all agency and mutual aid partners

An incident response planning and management software solution that consolidates and coordinates every tactical element under a single, strategic control center can make a huge difference — one that can be measured in lives saved, property protected, and resources put to their most effective, efficient, and appropriate use.


It can be challenging to evaluate software solutions for their incident pre-planning capabilities, but the right suite of features can go a long way to help you develop and optimize planning, response, and recovery for incidents of any size and complexity.


With that in mind, click here to learn the 8 must-have capabilities to look for in your incident management software.